Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Thursday,
Almost through another week. Feeling lots like summer with the usual July heat, keeps us busy watering, etc. Love the flowers all in bloom.
I have been asked to post some  of my cards so will put up some pictures of some I have on hand. The pictures are usually taken right before I send them off or give them to the recipient so their name is also in the picture for ID. So found some that aren't labeled yet.

 Some were made with other ladies and some on my own. The bottom picture is of 2 cards I made with 2 other ladies so I do not have all the components and tools with which to make these. That is the fun part of sharing with others. It also increases your ability to create something different from what you would normally do.

Another organization idea that I have been doing is to make a sample of my punches, embossing folders, dies & inks so that I don't buy a duplicate. Since I don't have many, this doesn't make a very big book so easy to take when shopping.

Hope this is an inspiration for you. Getting to "play" with paper with my friends and make fun things is a blessing. Hope you have a blessing today.


  1. Hi Meg, these ideas for organisation are really clever. Nothing worse than buying something twice, thanks for sharing,Marilyn.

  2. love the ideas, thank you for sharing.